# of Citizens per Car:  USA-2, Jordan-7

Average Life Span: USA~78.1 years, Jordan~78.6 years

Average Yearly Salary: USA~$45,000, Jordan ~$5,000 (Adjusted for PPP)

Cost of Big Mac: USA-$3.57, Jordan-$3.66 (Big Mac Index)

Cost of Big Mac in relation to monthly salary: USA 0.008%, Jordan 0.5%

Number of Wars Fought and Won: USA – 14-16, Jordan-0

Ever since Jordan became an independent state, at least one of its neighboring countries has been at war.

I hate to be this hacky about blogging, but these statistics make interesting food for thought. However, keep in mind my bias as an American student and my hopefully a little less than overt liberal slant.



FYI: Apparently the color of the Kufiya has symbolic importance mostly to outsiders.  I have heard locals disagree often over which color represents which national loyalty.  Though, the common perception is that the color for Jordan is red.

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