On That First Night

“In Jordan we love Celine Dion, Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull.”

-Mo (The Ammanian Steelers fan who would not abide a Jets fan in the same bar)

Culture happened that night.  A few compatriots and myself partook in some local libations at a haunt of which I’m sure I will become fond.  Happy hour all night on the first tuesdays of the month at the enigmatic Le Calle.  However, this only brings the drink prices down to American levels. There is a 200% tax on alcohol imports into The Kingdom.

I met a Canadian woman who went to school at Western University in London, Ontario.  I wish I remembered a single thing about living there so we could have shared something, but I was too young.  Still, anyone who knows me will understand how much I appreciate those “small world” moments.

Hookah is called Shisha here and it is great.  Especially on our apartment’s balcony.

“In America we have PIPES”

-Academic advisor on lack of hot water, gas, central heating, and most critically wireless internet in Jordan

Whether or not you are some perversely curious acquaintance (note to self: don’t insult readers), close friend, or family I’m sure you have barely thought about how you came to this blog.  Internet in America is lightning fast compared to anything I’ve seen in Amman.  A precious commodity that almost all locals go without on a daily basis.  My roommate and I just purchased a wireless router for our (HUGE) apartment.  130 dinar, about $150, for the router and three months of access. Oh, and that includes a 10 gb bandwidth cap per month.  We were thrilled to get it.  There seems to be quite an uproar over Canadian internet going to a metered access plan.  I find this to be a classic example of random chance determining dork fury.

Once I read about a plan for Africa to get 100% wireless coverage as a method for skipping industrialization in the development phases.  I thought that was interesting, logistically fantastical, but interesting.

يالا بي (Guess what? adverbs are difficult),

باول كارولي

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