Method Reading

“…a narrative of my daily life, mean happenings, little people.  Here are no lessons for the world, no disclosures to shock people.  It is filled with trivial things… ”

T.E. Lawrence “Seven Pillars of Wisdom”

Sounds like the words of a man pioneering the blog tropes we know and love (read: loathe) today.

I used to listen to a podcast called Scene Unseen Movie Reviews.  It was a pretty entertaining half hour chat between two buddies who happened to be insiders in the film industry (their words, not mine).  One of the hosts had a theory he called “Method Movie Going”, all this entailed was seeing a film with its target audience as a way to enjoy the experience more.  For example; he saw Shrek 2 on a saturday morning with a theatre full of children.

I am co-opting this idea for my travels in the Middle East.  As such my reading list will include the aforementioned autobiography of everyone’s favorite British officer of questionable sexuality, and the works of Turkish Nobel Prize winner Orhan Pamuk.

Picture me reading about the Arab Revolt after a long day of camel riding in Wadi Rum.  Yeah, thats about right.


P.T. Karolyi

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