Post-Modern Funk/Jazz Fusion

“Our present party totalled more than 500 strong: and the sight of the jolly mob of hardy, confident northerners chasing gazelle wildly over the face of the desert, took from us momentarily all sorry apprehension of our enterprise.”

-T.E. Lawrence

Live music in Amman is rare.  Tonight will be my first attempt to breach the local “scene” if that even applies.

Every local I’ve asked about seeing concerts of performances here has said nothing about it.  There is one jazz club that the guide books recommend: The Blue Fig.  I’m still planning on trying it, but a drunken small business owner (Muneer) claimed it is “totally lame, dood”.  There is a rumor that jazz is relatively popular here, so maybe it will be good.  The nightlife is perpetually subdued.  Almost all bar attendees are American tourists or super rich locals from the 5% Christian population. As such the numbers are small and spread thin.

There is an instrument over here that is in all the tourist shops that they call an oud.  

It would be amazing to hear someone play it live.  Here’s to chasing that gazelle.

Classes started this week.  I think it would be really interesting if, in my Arab-Israeli conflict course, we had a mock debate.  The professor claimed he was really provocative, maybe he would be up to assigning a student the task of arguing from Hamas’s perspective.

This semester I will be working for economic development consulting firm.  Al-Jidara works with USAID to improve infrastructure and incentivize small business growth in The Kingdom.

Interesting idea: I think it should be socially acceptable for people who are bored in a conversation to pay their counterpart to put more effort into the chat. I know if someone slipped me a few bills I would try harder.  Possibly an insulting move, but I postulate that people know when they are not really giving people the good stuff.


Mr. Karolyi

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