Percolations and Sublimations

“‘One Enemy at a time, is that it?’

‘That’s it'”

-Frank Herbert “Dune”


A unmistakable routine has taken over my life.  Even it the routine is made up of a lack of plans, I have felt a growing sense of control.  This trip has become a semester of school.  No longer do I think about my time here as a loose-living adventure.  I believe I have subconsciously removed the unknowns from the day-to-day in favor of comfortable patterns.  There is an easy solution, change.

None of this is a real problem, it just stifles creativity.  I feel it happening around me too.  We all have the same ideas and the same conversations every day.  I can’t count how many time discussion has come up about how Zionism and Judaism are not synonymous.  It can be frustrating, but more often it is just boring.  If we are here to grow as people in new and different ways that are not possible in America, we have to overcome the intellectual lethargy.

Over the past week or so I have pursued a new goal.  I read an article about the underground Arabic rock and roll scene in a local english language magazine, and now I need to see it.  There is a performance by a local group called Kazamada this thursday. I’m not sure what to expect from this, but the fact that it is in a hotel is probably a bad sign.  We’ll have to see.

Through a contact with a University of Jordan student I have learned about a local english radio station. They broadcast out of City Mall, the local shopping center.  Tomorrow I have planned to go in and figure out whether it would be possible to help out, or even maybe get on the air.  It would be really exciting to have the opportunity to share some American alternative music with the Ammanian market.  Also, it would be a great excuse to stay here for the summer.

There is a rumor that King Abdullah’s personal knife maker has a shop downtown near the Roman Amphitheater.   Supposedly, he handcrafts daggers on demand for about 30 dinar.  In addition to a personally made knife, he will inscribe on the blade your name (or what ever you choose) in calligraphy.  I am going to buy one.



Paul Karolyi

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