A Few Words in Defense of our Country

Is it necessary to have a unified foreign policy goal that is maintained across political cycles (think: Cold War commie hating or Nazism)?

Is it best to have a consistent common enemy to define America’s role in the world, or should we feel free of obligation to ideology (or lack thereof) and judge each endeavor on its on merits?  Bush tried to use the War on Terror to unite his various exploits, but it was a tenuously drawn matter of convenience.  I believe Obama has a unique role in the history of America to truly decide the soul of a superpower, given his rhetorical abilities and the vulnerability of the fractured Republican party.  Since emerging as a preeminent player in world politics after World War I the United States has always had a foil on the international stage.  It is no longer possible to define ourselves as the null to a foreign evil (no matter how hard the media tries to make China fill the void)

What are the unifying features of each conflict? what place does the US have, if any, to fill in the following places?

-Libya vs. Afghanistan

-Iraq vs. Vietnam

-Darfur vs. Israel/Palestine

In a post-Bush world Obama has been free to stay hesitant about intervention in Libya, but maybe taking a backseat role to Britain and France gives credence to Qaddafi’s insane accusations.  Is it America’s place to accept a reduction of soft power on this scale, maybe that is Bush’s true legacy: a return to isolationism (China’s rise and the 2008 financial crisis didn’t help either).

The realist vs idealist debate on intervention: is it constructive or destructive? The fact that it does not fall on party lines is certainly positive.  Any reason for inter-party political cooperation or debate without the poison of  upcoming midterm elections is good.

Hitchens on a return to Realism


oddly serious,



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  1. …from the business of america is busyness, to,
    the biz of america is war, arms-dealing, renting
    countrys and appointing zero-growth dictators to
    bleed our people/their people dry, while the higher
    echelons of our government privilege themselves into
    the illusion everything is under control when its not.
    causal is the sitting on secrets aspect of a
    government on mute, free to follow its sempiternal
    intramural game plan with no disturbance from outside
    opinion(known as wisdom and tolerance beyond our
    paranoid borders)by making uniforms from the whole
    cloth of fear, always a bad idea, but one notes the
    plan is wedded to egregious profit for the corporate
    few, having little effect on the stagnant poor.
    now that we live in a cyber-world, the truth is
    outing the oppressive juvenalia of every government
    who has an expensive, useless army in the field,
    without exception, as dinosaurs dining out on the
    tops of each countrys money tree, masticating their
    way to an extinction well earned in terms of futility.

    • 1) Maybe I have been studying Arabic too much, but I don’t understand much of this. Is there a Rickroll in there somewhere?

      2) Cool dinosaur metaphor

      3) Thanks for reading, stranger

  2. …try, avesta glossary, frahang i oim:ek, download,
    arab etym., the avesta connects with Nauatl, isbn
    968-23-0573-x, supposedly aztec, but base language for
    the planet, the famous pie every linguist mentions.

    • Vulture,

      My friend and I enjoyed your blog this evening. We found your discussion of Nauatl and the Japanese-Olmec connection intriguing.

      Could you enlighten us as to the significance and meaning of the “Language Pie”? We found little reference online.

      Why Nauatl for you? what was the catalyst for your interest in this theory, or the inception of the theory itself, if it is yours?


  3. …pie=Proto-Indo-European, the supposedly mythical
    uber-language. hitler=itoa tletl(N)=the fiery speaker
    (that schmuck), sent scholars here, to mexico, to find
    the aryan language, well, it was under their noses,
    but wasn’t aryan, Nauatl is a cave-level language from
    the upper stone age, 45k-10k bc and before, in fact,
    started for us by neander/neandra, our promethean
    relatives. quetzalcoatl brought it here, 3309 bc.
    a combination of myth and my invent, letra,
    coupled with the language=-ua-/wa(J)/waa(chi-na)
    Na-wa-tl, and its calendar, the Tonalamatl(N)=
    book of souls=tonalli(N)=tune/tone(E)=Tonatiuh/
    Anthony, the sol/sungod=Tionantati(Alkonquin/
    amerind)=father sun, the To-na(N)=to-/our 4/-na,
    has ended the search for pie/PIE.
    i live in Mexico, quickly i found this the most
    unusual country in the world. mother said to me,
    carlos, find out where basque came from, well, i
    began studying the Tonalamatl birthing calendar
    and telling fortunes, as i kept using it words
    from other languages kept popping out at me,
    i compared it to the tzolkin(mayan)and found it
    was older, gathering bits and pieces from magazines
    and other reading and rémi simeon’s Nauatl dicc.
    (it’s not often one finds a 5k bpe language in print
    for $30 bucks). i didn’t hurry myself, ran an antique
    business while i studied, putting layer upon layer
    of depth=d/tep(e)th/t/tl(letra)=tepetl(N)=te(m)ple=
    tepe(mideast)=mountain, and have arrived at the top=
    toptia(N)=obey/opt(E). i have a lot to be humble about, so i used that as an investigating tool=
    toloa(N)=bow the head=tolerate=dolorous, and found
    humility is worth more that the world and all of its
    gold when used.
    i’ve been in a hurry to get it all down and am competing with my lazy self to get a good start on
    it for the people=pipil-tin(N)=nobles=no pilli(N)=
    my child=chieltia(N)=shield,=noble, and, as you can
    see, have a weakness for wordstrings.
    the religious aspect of this work is stunning,
    one finds awe increases as one works back through
    the teotl’s, that tree and truth share the old english
    root, t(r)eow(OE), and that goes back to, te(o)tl(N),
    and teotl(N), goes back to, tetl(N)=stone.
    also, i have a lot of music inside me that hasn’t
    worked its way out, but it will work out this way,
    in this form=f/po(r)m=po(m)=poa(N)=count=power/
    p/f(l)ower/plowing words row by row, string by string.
    anyway, i’ve got a good start on it.
    the phrase i use when i get uppity about what i am
    tletl(N)=fire,=t/let/l=t/l/red/tl, is the one applied
    to juan toral, who sacrificed himself to his church
    after being misguided by a beata=an older lady of
    beatitude/beauty=bealté(OE)=ue altia(N)=the big altar/
    the big wash=altia(N/reverential of atl/water)=altia/
    art=tealtia(N)=theatre(the altar)=t/reality:
    god takes his heroes from the stones in the road.
    Toral approached then president obregon as a street
    artist, which he was, at a banquet given by the state
    of guanajuato=cuauh-na-uatza(N)=dry trees4 directions,
    and shot him(for confiscating church land as mexico
    was atheist after the revolution, for falling into
    abuses: it goes on). of course nobdy can be an athiest
    as a suntan(tonalli Tonatiuh)will always betray you,
    one cannot go against the structure of our galaxy
    without being a fool, but there are many religious ones also.
    in any case i am hoping Nauatl can be of use in education, teaching sounds to kids before burying them under gutenborg(my spelling), and letra,
    so they can hop in and out of languages, facilitate
    language learning by having the common denominator
    of pie Nauatl, and refresh the language, fill in the
    empty pits of history by using myth and word-breaking,
    release us from the tyranny of holy books so we can
    refresh them with their future by means of their deep
    or shallow etymologic past, correct the mythic and
    monumental lies of the RC church, which serve only
    as logjams to its progress. in short, evolve our spirits in the only way possible, through the talent that distinguishes us as the human species, word,
    which is as close to divinty as we can get.
    appointing one of our own species as god is an error. it just cannot be done=teotl(N)=the-other,
    that is to say, not us, not you, not I, not him.
    we can treat someone else like we would god, but
    that person also has the prohibition, the-other,
    which jesus referred to his father, a series of
    hand-offs more often fumbled than not, as we labor
    under scape-goat conditions. it should stop. searching
    for victims is not elevating: we’re simply flipping
    cards over. religion is action, trek=tleco(N)=leg,
    not passively mouthing rote words. we must talk for
    ourselves, in our own time, in the now of our memories, not the yesteryear of a redactor, for
    jesus never wrote a word, let the spirit be alive, and language its quick.

  4. Vulture,

    nikochiyah, but now I am refreshed.

    Your words inspire me to greater intellectual heights. I am curious about your life. Were you formally educated? the flow of your words does not remind me of western academic values.

    Hey, what do you think about Wikileaks? i bet you’ve got opinions up the wazoo.


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