Bad is the New Good

In the spirit of the New Sincerity I would like to take the time to distract those among us prone to exploiting the weak, untalented, and powerful subjects of memes.  Not since Star Wars Kid has the internet erupted into such unified ridicule; I am of course speaking of Rebecca Black’s “Friday”.  Let us not focus on her (indisputable) failure, but rather focus on positivity.  I encourage all to instead of going back once more to the endless trove of mematic misfortunes direct yourselves to the internet home of one of the best new people we’ve got.  Mr. Ken Jennings is the greatest Jeopardy! champion of all time, a practicing Mormon, human representative in this early skirmish in the war against machines, and an all around good guy.  He did a pretty entertaining AMA on Reddit last week to promote his new book “Brainiac”.  If his book is as interesting as the interview (-ish thing) then it will usurp a highly coveted spot on my “to read” list.

Also, he did this: 

This is another thing that is great.


Oliver Trundle

P.S. GW is offering a class called “History of the American West” next semester.  I am enrolling and turning in my script for the Hummus Western as a term paper.

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