Lost & Found: A Case For Rebranding the Devil

2 stars 4 peace.  First, a disclaimer: this is not nearly as popular as the website claims.  This German lady proposes this plan for peace in Palestine.  If she had her druthers, Israel and Palestine would become the 51st and 52nd states of the United States.  Is this a good idea? probably not.

Yes, ‘Starship Troopers’ (Robert Heinlein’s fascist manifesto) is one of my favorite books.  I think he had some really creative and interesting ideas about political and military philosophy.  In the Starship Troopers mythos there is a global federation of states and in order to become a fully participating citizen (i.e. voting rights), one must first engage in federal service.  This is not necessarily military service, though the aptitude tests in the book do separate wheat from chaff with prejudice.  Its a cool, creative idea.  Is it a good idea? i dont know, but it certainly stretches the boundaries of modern conventions.  I blame learning history in the American school system.  The curriculum where “Freedom”, “Democracy”, “Goodness”, and “Right” all turn into synonyms is not a good place to breed the next generation of diplomacy.  Maybe changing the dialogue would make a lot of ideas that history has made taboo viable again.  Karl Marx certainly deserves another shot.  His critique of Hegel would be fertile ground for potential citations on the Arab Spring.  Keep in mind this was Marx before he even met Engels, but he argued that any Revolution was justified in the face of dictatorial oppression regardless of the government that came afterwards.  I think thats a little illogical, but when considering the upcoming Egyptian elections and the strength of the Islamic Brotherhood it is clearly relevant.  If only Marx wasn’t completely demonized in American politics.


To a much lesser extent the same can be said for Benito Mussolini.  I’m sure there is opposition to this somewhere (at least on principle), but the Lateran Treaties of 1923 can also be claimed a success for Fascists.  Mussolini agreed to allow the Papal States to persist in the familiar form of Vatican City.  Unless you’ve been reading a lot of Dan Brown lately, or you love the Frat boy “priest/altar boy” jokes, it’s not difficult to defend the statement that the Catholic Church in its contemporary incarnation is an organization based on good will and the spread of a message of love.

If the same people that have been struggling in the Israel-Palestine Conflict continue to come from the same places and have the same background, how can we expect positive change.  I think it was Albert Einstein was quoted as defining insanity as “continuing to do the same thing over and over expecting different results.”

If function follows form, and function fails, fashion a new form. Let’s stretch the boundaries of what is appropriate to discuss legitimately.  Some type of modern extremism will be the moderation of the future.

Good ideas (and a lot of bad ones) can come from unexpected places.


Paul Karolyi

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