You’re Welcome, World

“They said they wanted speed

They said they wanted power

They said they wanted Beyonce on a ham sandwich”

-Dell DJ Jukebox stock audio demo

That’s right.  The people of Egypt have spoken.  Finally an end to the this dark, dark (almost maroon) time.  First Hosni gets ousted, and now this. Are they related? I have no proof that they are not. For one night only on April 23 of this very year Ali Campbell will be returning to the main stage of Soho Square in Sharm Al-Sheikh to perform all your favorite UB40 hits and more.  You’ll be hearing “Red Red Wine”, “Kingston Town”, as well as a promising dip into the classic American songbook.  What a glorious day.  The only true voice of UB40 finally gives the lucky Sharmanders their due diligence.  The world’s premier reggae vocalist is back!

What’s that? He’s bringing an 18 piece backing band with him to Soho Square “the largest entertainment center in Sinai”, this keeps getting better and better.

What will the itinerary for this magical night be, you ask?  Well, Ali won’t take the main stage until 11:30 (because he is a rock star, dammit, and he does what he wants). Then the party moves to the uber-exclusive Pangaea night club for a ultra-mega-super-sexy-dance party that just won’t stop until the break of dawn (Pangaea Night Club is in no way legally obligated to remain open until daybreak).

Careful folks, “tix” (tickets) are going fast. Get yours today!



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  3. LOL I came across this page googling that stock audio bit. I remember them saying “Well 2/3 ain’t too damn shabby” at the end of it.

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