Not Alone in the Sunlight

After 143 “Red, Red Wine”s, 16 street egg breakfasts, 12 Glo-Jo (The Gloge) afternoons, 14 bottles of white wine, 8 taxi cab conversation on the zionist plot to destroy Blah-dy blah-dy blah, the semester is over.  (needlessly nostalgic reflections here).

I do not feel the need to hop, skip, and jump down memory lane.  It is not for me to begrudge the reminiscences of my peers, they are going back home.  It is perfectly natural to crave pretzels, In-N-Out Burger, and ever-happy Senor Jose Cuervo.

This CIEE alum is staying in Amman for the summer.  Unfortunately that robs BIAAHP of nice conclusion, but its just like life. C’mon guys, there are no endings in the real world. We can’t just hide on the internet forever, burying our faces in Lolcatz and Sad Keanu Reeves; you got to get out there and do it.  Its not like in the movies, life goes on.  I have enjoyed spending these last few months updating this webspace we have shared.  I would love to thank each of the 623,110 of you individually, but its just not feasible.  As always you can email me at and remember you can call in from 6-6:15 tomorrow morning to ask Ronny from Jersey Shore anything you want here at WKIZ The Slice! where, lets say it together now, there will always be weather on the 2’s and traffic on the 9’s, less talk, and (thats right) more rock (*sobs quietly into heart-shaped pillow).

Reaching for the stars,

Paul “________” Karolyi

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  1. You only drank 14 bottles of white wine this semester? I don’t buy it.

    • Are all those numbers made up? yes.

      Has this answering my own questions thing already become an irritating habit? also yes.


      Also, calling shenanigans on the “16 street eggs breakfasts.”

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